Hi there! I’m James Yuill. I’ve been working in the music industry for over 15 years. Writing, producing and mixing Electronic, Dance and Leftfield Pop for myself and other artists.

Over the course of my career I’ve released multiple albums and eps for solo projects that have had more than 15 million Spotify streams.

I’ve recently collaborated with a range of artists across many genres which have collectively been streamed over 3 million times.

I’ve had tracks featured on Love Island, Grey’s Anatomy, Pretty Little Liars, Scrubs, The Inbetweeners and Dead Pixels.

I’ve also been lucky enough to work with some amazing producers too. Dennis Ferrer & Disciples, Mousse T, X-Press2, Dirty Vegas & Catz ‘N Dogz. And had the pleasure of providing official remixes for the likes of Erasure, M83, Miami Horror, Kraak & Smaak, Mint Royale, David Holmes, Bright Light Bright Light, Au Revoir Simone, Anoraak and more. All mixed by me.

I’d like to offer my services to you.

Get in touch and tell me about your project


Artist Title Role Date
Pablo Suárez Apogee
Producer / Mixer 03/02/2023
Honess Jones Do U Lover Boy
Producer / Mixer 25/01/2023
Pablo Suárez Imitate
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 02/12/2022
98Poly 360
Songwriter / Producer 19/10/2022
Pablo Suárez Waiting For You
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 14/10/2022
Joulie Fox Love Is A Blessing EP
Producer / Mixer 09/09/2022
Joulie Fox Running
Producer / Mixer 26/08/2022
Honess Jones Sad Little Vice
Producer 29/07/2022
James Yuill Whisper In My Ear
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 20/07/2022
Joulie Fox Fever
Producer / Mixer 08/07/2022
Lisa Canny Snakeskin
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 22/06/22
Belot Chaotic
Songwriter / Producer 10/06/2022
Berry Galazka Dream Caused By The Flight Of A Bee
Songwriter / Producer 11/05/2022
Joulie Fox Bring Me
Producer / Mixer 22/04/2022
cable tv rafters
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 11/04/2022
Lisa Canny Know It All
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 30/03/2022
Tom Saint All My Friends Are Enemies
Songwriter / Producer 26/11/2021
cable tv heavy on my head
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 26/11/2021
Grace Savage Memory
Producer 27/10/2021
Grace Savage Water Rising
Songwriter / Producer 19/08/2021
cable tv caught up
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 30/07/2021
cable tv dark
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 21/04/2021
Grace Savage Rag Doll
Songwriter / Producer 26/03/2021
Dennis Ferrer & Disciples Whisper
Songwriter 22/01/2021
Tom Saint New Ferrari
Songwriter / Producer 22/01/2021
cable tv sucker
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 20/01/2021
Trutopia You Move
Songwriter 10/01/2021
Laura Brehm The Darkest Night
Producer 09/01/2021
Laura Brehm Fly Away
Producer 09/01/2021
Tom Saint Thicker Than Water
Songwriter / Producer 08/12/2020
Joulie Fox Don't Be Shy
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 21/11/2020
cable tv sit back player
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 21/10/2020
cable tv mr obvious
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 03/07/2020
Catz 'n Dogz Sunrise
Songwriter 26/06/2020
ROKKY Somebody Else
Songwriter / Producer 13/05/2020
Pablo Nouvelle Oh Would You be There
Songwriter 20/03/2020
Grace Savage The Thing
Songwriter / Producer 05/01/20
Grace Savage Typical Savage
Songwriter / Producer 08/09/19
Charlotte OC Falling For You
Additional Production 12/07/2019
Catz 'n Dogz There
Songwriter 03/01/2019
Charlotte OC Satellite
Songwriter / Producer 29/11/2018
Mousse T Do The Same Thing
Songwriter 12/07/2018
Loframes Fire Of Love
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 08/06/2018
Loframes Real Life
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 24/11/2017
James Yuill A Change In State
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 28/07/2017
Loframes Since You've Gone
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 27/07/2016
Mousse T Nearer To You
Songwriter 18/03/2016
Loframes In Love With You
Producer / Mixer 11/12/2015
James Yuill An Electronic Heart
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 02/09/2015
Loframes 1996
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 09/03/2015
Loframes Get Real (Can't Touch Your Love)
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 09/03/2015
Different Marks Motor Stepper
Songwriter 03/06/2013
James Yuill These Spirits
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 25/03/2013
Catz 'n Dogz Starlight
Songwriter 19/02/2013
James Yuill Movement In A Storm
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 23/07/2010
X-Press 2 Time
Songwriter 01/02/2010
James Yuill Earth & Fire EP
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 12/09/2009
James Yuill Folktronica
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 12/08/2009
James Yuill Turning Down Water For Air
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 13/10/2008
James Yuill The Vanilla Disc
Songwriter / Producer / Mixer 01/02/2005

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